Easily coordinate your team of healthcare professionals

Bring your group together to chat, connect and trade shifts — all in one place, out of social media.

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Shyfted app

For Healthcare Teams

Your team members can cover each other's shifts, tap into each other's skills, and reach out to one another for support.

For Managers

Are you managing a group of healthcare professionals who trade shifts with each other? Shyfted is a platform that lets colleagues find each other to cover their shifts and stay in touch.

Move Out of Social Media

Give everyone a space to connect that's outside of social media - so everyone can participate.

Get Better Visibility

Easily stay on top of what’s happening by seeing new opportunities posted, successful swaps and things being talked about.

Post Community Messages

Share important messages with everyone and spark conversations through the in-app chat.


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Members - benefits

For Healthcare Professionals

Struggling to find someone to cover your shifts?

Find someone to cover you

Post your shift so people who can cover you can can find it. Share important details like dates and location.

Find work

Looking for an opportunity? Search openings that match your criteria.

Find each other

Get to know more people in your community and stay in touch easily.


"Shyfted is super valuable if you’re looking for someone to cover you. People know about Shyfted now and are excited about it."

Lauren Irving, Nurse Practitioner

All the features you need for a thriving team

You have a vision for your team where everyone actively support each other by covering each other's shifts and reaching out to ask questions. Shyfted provides you with the building blocks to bring your vision to life.

Post a shift

Share simple details like dates, hours, and location. Once you're done, just wait for people to contact you.

Our awesome features
Search open positions

Search by location or hours that you're looking to work, and we'll show you all the shifts that match your criteria.

Our awesome features
Connect with each other

Get to know other members of your community by seeing their profiles and connecting with them.

Our awesome features

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Get early access

You're in! We'll be in touch soon as we onboard communities.

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